So I came up with an idea to get out of the slump I’m in and that is to join the world in Inktober, an art based month long challenge. Of course, I’ve never been inspired by the prompts, but I thought: “What if I drew a comic strip in ink all hand done and stuff for each day?” and due to my set up, that became 2 strips, and here is the first one.

So I’m going to be trying to tell a story about a RPG party, this being 7th Sea, as they go on an adventure. Who knows, if I like this, I’ll add it to my list of projects I’ll never finish.

Because I’m doing this at work, I don’t actually want to use an eraser, so I used a yellow colored pencil for my construction lines, then applied a threshold to the scanned image of make them vanish.

Today, everything was done by my hand with my Uniball buisness pen and a bit of whiteout. I’ll see if more options make sense tommorrow.

My fingers are itching to apply some color fills to make the background pop, but i’m resisting.

1/30 done.

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    1. Thanks! There’s a lot I would do if I had some colors or was doing the work at a place where I could use an eraser. It’s good practice, tho, I think

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