Hmm. Stuff to talk about on this one. First, tried to write italics. It didn’t work. It never does. Second, regretting the blue I picked earlier, but whatever. it’ll work for now. I’m okay with being committed to it.

Man, my cloud swirlys got out of hand, didn’t they?

Normally, for a comic where I create an RPG party and write a story, I spend a lot of time before hand figuring out the characters, but I’m just going for this one. I’m not sure if I like it better. Its faster, but I can’t foreshadow very well.


Immo: So.. This is the fabled “Thunder Tower.” Ropes. Get the ropes. Discovery Awaits

Janik: I should not have come.

Maura: Aye?

Janik: I’ve been useless so far.

Maura: Was there a better climber we should have hired?

Janik: No. I’m the best.

Maura: Aye, that ye are. Prepare yourself Janik, your time is at hand.

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