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This is the last of the Inktober pieces. I learned a lot from doing this. I’ll be able to do some future projects better, faster, strong, I’m sure.

These characters and concept may be back in the future, but I have no idea when. They’re headed back to the junk shelves, where I sometimes take ideas apart and use them for pieces.

I will say that this was the page with the most computer editing, but it’s all subtle stuff. I cleaned up a lot of the text using digital tools, instead of white-out like I had been doing. Didja notice?


Narrator: One descent later…

Tomas: Well! That sure is a lightning tree!

Rodya: Is door behind fish in tree?

Immo: Yes. In better shape than expected.

Maura: The fish is an Avalonian Coelacanth. Thought to be extinct

Tomas: So… have we won? I mean, the source of the blue light is right here.

Player: I think so. ’twas my quest.

Matt as DM: What about the door behind the tree?

Players: Wasn’t in MY quest. Me Neither. Nope.

Narrator: End

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