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So here’s my thought process. I don’t know how well it works, but it might be what I go with. Mostly. Trained Pokemon are, more or less, able to communicate with at least their trainers, maybe with any trainer, maybe with any empathetic person. I can’t think of a situation where someone not being able to understand a Pokemon would be beneficial to the story. I mean, sure, I can see someone who has to learn to trust or whatever having a problem stranded in the forest or something. But until then, Pokemon are going to be able to communicate rather cleanly.

Not wild Pokemon, of course. (which I ought to include in the comic soonish, yeah?) Its the training I guess? I dunno. Some wilds, of course…

Look, Jenny and Growlithe are a good team. They have a good chemistry and can understand each other. That’s why Jenny has just a Growlithe, instead of another partner. Pokemon make good teammates. Yeah.


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