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So, the GiMP, the art program I use, updated recently. By recently, I mean a few months ago. I habitually hold off on updating until the end of a chapter and oh, hey, look here it is. So for my regular feature of some fillers to fill the last 2 days to fill out the thursday and friday of a chapter.

Now, normally, this would be a sketch of all the trainers/people that we saw in the chapter, but holy hell, that was like 19 people!!

Sure, a few were in cameo/ histories, but we had:

The Elite 4 (5 people)

The Rockets (5 people, 6 with Giovanni)

Jenny, Joy, Dorian, Bill (4 People)

Rachael, Baeyru, Timmy, (3 people)

And a mysterious individual who’ll be showing up in later chapters.

19 is a lot. I drew a picture incorperating all 19, but it ended up being too much work for my idea. Maybe in the future?

Gimp has changed a lot, tho. I’m not sure how much of my workflow will be faster, but a lot of my shortcuts are unmapped, so I’m having to retrain my fingers and rebind my keys.

Anyway, one more filler image and, hopefully, we’ll start Chapter 4 on Monday.

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