Not much really happens in this page. Its just a stage setting up for the contest. We do also get to see all of the competition, which was a stupid amount of work. If you notice, I cleverly had to design then TWICE, once with lines and once without. It was a lot of back and forth working on various pieces parts.

So, Yesterday, I said I would explain how the Dome Contest system works. It’s a little bit of a popularity test, mixed with a bit of endurance. Each round, the contest runner, Veldrin (or CrazyCowProductions as the actual artist is know on Deviant Art) decides what the challenges is, on both the meta and meda levels.

On the meta side, he comes up with the algorithm for the round. For this first round, its 3 x Agility+Mind. Each character has 3 stats that they determined the value of when they submitted their characters. Rachael, for example, has 5 Agility, 3 Attack, 2 Mind. So, for the first round, We had 17 points, putting me 2 points ahead of Lynn in this fist round.

The second aspect of the contest is Tribute. We artists who are in the contest buy/beg/trade to get pieces made for us. Each one of these is 1 point. My opponent (spoilers, but this is posted a week after Patreon, and the contest was resolved like 3 days before I put it there. There might still be rounds going on, but the one I’m talking about is long over.) managed to get 2 peices of tribute art in for 2 points, bringing us to a tie.

Each season of the contest also has a spin put on it by the organizer. There are 2 such this  time around, although the second won’t hasn’t been felt yet. There are different tiers of art submissions this year. So I had a colored comic piece, and that was worth 3 extra points, as opposed to just doing a pencil sketch or something. Sadly, Lynn also did a comic thing, which was awesome, and we ended up tied at the end. So yeah. Tiebreakers had not been discussed, so the round ended up a little weird, but whatever.

So that’s how the Beauty Dome works.

Oh, all of the art peices are supposed to take place in the meda level, with our characters attempting whatever challenge was set up. It’s not really enforced very well, but its an aid to keep writer’s block away!

Right. that was long. And spoilery. Come by tommorrow wehn my actual submission to the contest started. All of this so far was just warmup and backstory 😀

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