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This page might seem a bit gratuitous, but whatever. I’ve not really drawn anyone stretching before, so that was kind of interesting. I tried to deform the text in a similar manner to the exercise, but my tools for that in GiMP are limited. Or i don’t know them. On or two of those.

A lot of this is backstory. So of which might be made up. DA makes it hard to keep records for contests like this. I know one of the 10 in the contest actually made it to the 2nd round or something before and I didn’t know until doing research on previous domes. So lynn may have been involved? TV might not be the thing? whatever. Worked well enough.

I think for a page that could easily have been talking heads, I kept things moving well enough.

So for the Lynn character, I didn’t have much to go on. I was told of the traits Shy and Intelligent and that’s what I tried to go with. Meh.

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