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This was the final piece/part of the round 1 sub. There were a few edits here and there that i wish I could have kept. Honestly, if I’d had the time and inclination to do the whole dome as a full on story, I would have taken a lot longer to do things.

There definitely would have been some time passing from discovering the passage to getting to the exit. That’s for sure.

I don’t really have much more to say about this, actually. The two of us ended up tieing in points, so it’s convenient for possible future comics to have us going through the end at about the same time.

What will next week bring for comics from Matt? I’m not sure right now. I have 4 strips of Chapter 2 left to finish, as well as our character and Pokemon bookends. There is more contest, although at the time of writing (9/11) it has yet to be announced. And I have that breather comic that people voted on to start making as well as Chapter 3…

I have a lot to do. You’ll see something, I promise!


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