5e Mega Dungeon: First session debrief etc

This part 3 or so of my┬ámega dungeon escapades. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is also here. You don’t really need to read them in order, but it might help you know what I am talking about…

So, after I came up with the idea on Saturday, I ran the first session on Tuesday, which is pretty impressive, I think. A lot of that was designing the tables that, while not 100% complete, are 100% reusable. So if I needed to make a new dungeon, I could. But, ideally, “Megadungeon means never having to say ‘Let’s start from Square 1’Continue reading “5e Mega Dungeon: First session debrief etc”

5e Megadungeon Project: Briefing Document

So, in continuation of my last D&D post, there are some information and tweaks that need to be addressed real quick, so people can know what to make for characters and such. This is that for the first test run of the concept. If I make a new one of these, I’ll post in big red letters with a link. But for now, use this. Continue reading “5e Megadungeon Project: Briefing Document”

New Project: 5e Procedural Megadungeon

This is a bad idea.

Let’s start with that. Get that right out of the way, intercept the comments, and set everyone’s expectations where they should be. Actually, let’s emphasize.


Right now, we can….

Hold on, I don’t like the defeatist tone there. Let’s try once more.

THIS IS (probably) A BAD IDEA!!

Nailed it. Continue reading “New Project: 5e Procedural Megadungeon”