12S 12M: This is starting to look like a bad idea (basically, an RPG ramble…)

Black Friday Weekend, I was at my local game store to pick up something I ordered and was persuaded to shop around a bit. I picked up a game entitled TimeWatch, and with my ordered in copy of the Doctor Who RPG, I set out hoping to not spend more money.

Little did I know this one chance purchase would haunt me for a month, and cast a grim shade on my plans for the new year. Continue reading “12S 12M: This is starting to look like a bad idea (basically, an RPG ramble…)”

Handcrafted Heroes 2: The Death of Bonda

Last week, I rambled and ranted about making Bonda K’dock, my barbarian in a world of super heroes. Well, after all that effort of the post, and a week of rebuilding him from scratch, I regret to inform you, my reading public, that Bonda is DEAD. Continue reading “Handcrafted Heroes 2: The Death of Bonda”

Handcrafted Heroes: Rambles on creating characters in a super hero RPG

As I said in the state of the status, I’ve been playing in a super hero RPG. It’s been a lot of fun, but I have had some teething troubles trying to make characters that work well with the group and with the world that their in. SO let’s talk about that. Continue reading “Handcrafted Heroes: Rambles on creating characters in a super hero RPG”

Daily D&D Ramble: Fixed up some characters

So I made a bunch of characters (like, 6) for Fixed D&D on Wednesday. Here’s some thought on that, with only this weak intro to show for it.

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Daily D&D Ramble: Escalating Wild Encounters?

While I have yet to catch up on any sleep deprivation, I was able to safely return to my home in ND, with my beautiful 2 screens of multitaskedness. So in therory, I should be able to get more, better work accomplished. Instead, I’ll probably play Minecrtaft and watch anime, but we can hope!

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Daily D&D Ramble: Tanks for the Memories

(If something hasn’t used that punchline before, the world has failed me.) This article is starting to be written at 2am, so take that as you will. I spent my last night in Colorado introducing my family to one of my favorite anime, Girls Und Panzer. It is, as you may have gathered, about tank fighting. And, since the only other thing I did today worth trying to shove into an article is hanging some doors, lets talk about some tanks! Continue reading “Daily D&D Ramble: Tanks for the Memories”

Daily D&D Ramble: On prepping a campaign

I sat down with my sister last night and did a lot of brainstorming for my Fixed Table D&D. It was probably about an hour or so of me jotting down note, explaining things about what I wanted to do, then coming up with different and better ways of having things happen. It was a lot of work. And that’s something about D&D that I want to recognize today. Continue reading “Daily D&D Ramble: On prepping a campaign”

Daily D&D Ramble: A new reason I don’t play 3e

As part of my D&D manual addiction and for my aforementioned review idea, I read and buy a lot of manuals that aren’t for 5e. I know there are a few 3rd party 5e sources out there, but they haven’t ended up in the used books sections yet. So a lot of my acquisitions are for older editions and a large chunk seem to be 3e( or maybe 3.5e. They’re similar enough (or rather, I don’t know the difference) that I’m just going to say 3e in this article) But from my readings and note takings for a review of Tome and Blood, I discovered a new reason that I couldn’t bear to play 3e.

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Daily D&D Ramble: A guess at the History of D&D

Pretty, But Useless gave me this idea for an article. In it, I’m going to roughly layout the history of role playing games, from all of the bits and pieces that I’ve picked up from reading scraps of histories in various blogs and such. And then tomorrow or something, I take a look at what the ACTUAL history looks like. So, as a stronger disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN ACURATE DEPICTION OF HISTORY!!!

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