What I Did Wrong at Planet Mercenary.

So I’ve shifted the goal of my 12M12S endeavor and instead, I’m going to be running a weekly not-D&D game at the shop. My first foray is in running a game I’ve been wanting to give a good solid run to for a while, Planet Mercenary. I love a lot of the things this game does, but it seems every week, I’m knocking out a new tool or table for myself that should be in the book (or a lot easier to find in the book!)

Of course, it’s not always the game designer’s fault I’m having trouble. It’s more often mine. And thus I being you a new season of What I Did Wrong at D&D The RPG Showcase. Planet Mercenary. Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at Planet Mercenary.”

Tiny Dungeon Spell Scroll Table

I recently picked up Adam Bahr‘s Tiny Dungeon (and by “Recently picked up” I mean “I kickstarted it and forgot to read updates by the developer until I got my copy in the mail, totally missing another kickstarter of his. Which I regret hardcore”) Continue reading “Tiny Dungeon Spell Scroll Table”

12S 12M: This is starting to look like a bad idea (basically, an RPG ramble…)

Black Friday Weekend, I was at my local game store to pick up something I ordered and was persuaded to shop around a bit. I picked up a game entitled TimeWatch, and with my ordered in copy of the Doctor Who RPG, I set out hoping to not spend more money.

Little did I know this one chance purchase would haunt me for a month, and cast a grim shade on my plans for the new year. Continue reading “12S 12M: This is starting to look like a bad idea (basically, an RPG ramble…)”

5e Megadungeon Project: Briefing Document

So, in continuation of my last D&D post, there are some information and tweaks that need to be addressed real quick, so people can know what to make for characters and such. This is that for the first test run of the concept. If I make a new one of these, I’ll post in big red letters with a link. But for now, use this. Continue reading “5e Megadungeon Project: Briefing Document”

New Project: 5e Procedural Megadungeon

This is a bad idea.

Let’s start with that. Get that right out of the way, intercept the comments, and set everyone’s expectations where they should be. Actually, let’s emphasize.


Right now, we can….

Hold on, I don’t like the defeatist tone there. Let’s try once more.

THIS IS (probably) A BAD IDEA!!

Nailed it. Continue reading “New Project: 5e Procedural Megadungeon”

RPG dreams: A new system each time

I’ve had this dream for a while: to find a group flexible enough and willing to put in the effort to run 52 RPG systems in a year, a new one each week. I haven’t found that group yet, but as I was talking to my not-quite-a-boss at the gamestore yesterday, he counter-offered with a store event idea: 12 games in twelve systems in 12 months. Continue reading “RPG dreams: A new system each time”

Handcrafted Heroes 2: The Death of Bonda

Last week, I rambled and ranted about making Bonda K’dock, my barbarian in a world of super heroes. Well, after all that effort of the post, and a week of rebuilding him from scratch, I regret to inform you, my reading public, that Bonda is DEAD. Continue reading “Handcrafted Heroes 2: The Death of Bonda”

Handcrafted Heroes: Rambles on creating characters in a super hero RPG

As I said in the state of the status, I’ve been playing in a super hero RPG. It’s been a lot of fun, but I have had some teething troubles trying to make characters that work well with the group and with the world that their in. SO let’s talk about that. Continue reading “Handcrafted Heroes: Rambles on creating characters in a super hero RPG”

Gothregel Primer: My thoughts on my open world, wilderness exploration game

Just about four weeks ago, I put out a call on my Facebook, wondering if people would be interested in an open table, wilderness exploration adventure. It received a fairly decent response, so I began my research, and started figuring out what I’d want in such an adventure. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that I signed myself up for a lot of work.  Continue reading “Gothregel Primer: My thoughts on my open world, wilderness exploration game”