Fixed Table D&D

This is the basic outline of my RPG experimental Fixed Table D&D. In it, the characters are provided by the DM and are played by a different play

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Principles of Fixed Table D&D

  1. The characters are fully fleshed, with backstory, flaws, ideals, characteristics, and anything worth knowing before playing that character so the PC can play the character as accurately as possible.
  2. The planned adventure should take these characters into account and try to tie into backstory and character growth.
  3. Through some pre-established method, the characters are assigned to players before the game starts. Effort should be made that players get to play different characters and not (get stuck with / always pick) the same character
  4. The game should be runnable no matter who has picked up which character and who is absent. To facilitate this, the characters who are not picked should have some simple, predetermined “AI” that gives uses the characteristics and abilities to make a quick turn for the DM to run.
  5. After each session, the DM should update the character’s notes, level, etc and have them ready for the next session.