Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 20

I did some weird cypher to make the spell. I doubt I could repeat it, but it did mean a thing at one point. If I ever do some magic system with a lot of verbal spells, I will probably write a small applet to do the cypher consistently for me.

More layer mask for speech bubbles there in 4 and 5. I think it gives a nice air of “What Rachael is saying is not important.”

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 18

I did make that cover from some random generator I found online (random as i have no idea where its from, not I clicked buttons until it said what I wanted) Here’s a bigger version

This book has piqued my interest and I may have a story about it in the future, I’m not sure. I’m missing some useful details, like plot and characters and things. I know a lot of lore about it, though.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 17

A camera shift to Lynn. I’ve relied heavily on camera shifts in this contest and all of them have been abrupt. Not sure what I think about that.

Panel 1 here is just my first foray into horrible horrible anatomy and perspective.

I used a lot of layer masks in this piece. Not something I normally do. A layer mask lets me paint transparency on art without ruining it. For that 100% mysterious motion blur in panel 4, for example. the detail of the blur exists where Lynn’s head is, it is just selectively transparent. Cool trick.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 16

Of course, if she wasn’t starting naked, what is she dressed as? And a silly ballerina outfit came to mind.

I should share a bit of my writing process here. Before I started scripting, NevermoreFox(aka the competition) and I passed a lot of messages, fleshing out the, well, results. The costumes at least and a little bit of what happens in it.

So then I start writing and the only thing I actually had in mind where a few panels in pages 20-21. The rest were open and I just let my mind wander and sketched the story as it made sense to go.

Sometimes, I’ll go back and rewrite things in earlier pages to give more foreshadowing, but most of the time, I’ve included enough hooks to work off of so I don’t have to worry about it.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 15

So this contest started, as I may have mentioned earlier, with the participants being naked. I don’t draw that sort of thing, but it did happen in the world so I needed some way to convey that information. The previous page was my initial foray into passing that message on, but it didn’t work out because it galloped somewhere else. So instead, this is what I thought up.

I need to do more with Baeyru. She’s a lot of fun and is basically a blank slate right now.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 14

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, as its very very niche and I have to explain a lot, but then I realized I wasn’t going to have anything else done today, so yeah.

First, this comic was meant to be the start of my round 1 entry. But then all of this other stuff happened instead. No idea what that means, but that’s how it happened. I really like where it ended up, although its going to be a bit obscure for people who aren’t in the same circles that I am.

So first, Who is that sitting next to Matt? Honestly, I’m not sure of his name. On my script, he was a vague blob with the notation “Tribute?” I then went diving through Whistle-Tall’s archives, trying to find something that would work. I ended up finding a character from years ago that created Vic, which is his character in the contest. There were a lot of conflicting names and lore and stuff, and all of it from a long time ago.

The second guy, behind the groucho glasses, is named Pip (as, you know, it says in the comic) So Pip had history with the comic, which isn’t really easily found online anymore. Pip was part of a small story arc that resulted in Matt turning into Rachael. Or rather, assuming her form. It’s complicated. But I used to read a lot of Pips comic. I don’t anymore. Maybe I ought to pick it up again. He’s a fun writer.

Another important thing is that 4ish years ago, Pip and Lust (one of his characters) created the Glamour Dome, version 1 of this contest. I don’t know if there is actually any plan they have. But I thought it would make a fun hook.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 13

I’d love feedback on this teleport effect too.

Yeah, so, for Round 2, the characters are teleported into a maze, without their gear/clothes. I had to eat up a lot of my time figuring out a way to do that, without drawing anything I wouldn’t be proud of. This took a long time and contributed to my sailing into deadline infested waters, but I did it. You’ll see that soon, I hope. (At the time of writing this, I have yet to start inking it’s 55 panels!)

This ‘Green Room’ Arc had a lot of what I call ‘Technical’ Panels, like the last one here. I had to first basically figure out the room, then everyone’s position, then their costumes, then figure out what those costumes would look like sans person. A lot of work for not a whole lot of reward. All the technical on this piece is why it took as long as it did.

Veldrin’s Beauty Dome Page 12

First: Veldrin doing the opera glasses or whatever over his glasses? Awesome.

So the corner of Deviant Art I lurk near does a lot of body transformations. So it was no surprise to me that this would be coming (in fact, he kind of mentioned it as part of the thing the winner of the round would get to do.)

I am not very… anatomically accurate, you might say. So it’s not easy for me to do a small tweak, like you might see from the people who actually art in this contest. So I went to an extreme and really Amazonianed her, as well as brought her horns back.

What? Yeah, she’s got horns. She’s part demon.

Ideally, this is the most risque I’ll need to draw for the whole contest. But we’ll talk about exactly whey tommorrow.