Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 75

Sorry for the erratic comic stuff. I plan to go back in the website’s archives and wiggle things around so that re-reading is smoother. (not applicable for people who read the thing on Patron or DA.)

So yeah, last page, Natu looked really small, that was just me sucking at art. This is the size he is. A bit smaller than a volleyball but not by much.

Officer Jenny does have a heart, but she has really good reasons for being mean. I think. I’m pretty sure. She’s doing it anyway, at least.

I drew this on an art stream. Started doing that again. My day is beginning to look like come home from work, take a quick nap if needed (oh man it so was today!!) and then stream whatever comic project I’m working. I don’t know my schedule, it’s probably best if you follow me on twitter or on twitch or tell me you look for that somewhere else I haven’t been alerting. It’s laid back listening to music, and honestly, if you want to hop on Discord and talk a bit, that’s cool too. Yeah.


Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 71

So, I decided to go from Growlithe saying part of his name to just making a barking type sound. I’m not sure about it and would appreciiate feedback from pokemon peoples. If Growlithe had a name that lent itself to doggie sounds, I may have used it. (like Lillipup) I dunno

Incidentally, one of the cool things about the WordPress stuff is I can tag characters, so you can see when the character has shown up. Granted, that’s not useful if you need to see a specific Rachael strip, but it is kind of nifty. Thought I should throw that out there.


Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 40

omg, this page took a lot of smithing. But, finally, we’re in a position to transtion to the next vital thing in my outline, which is great, as it means everything moves forward.

There is probably 5 more bullet points to do in chapter 2 here? so another 35 pages maybe? that’s about right.

Unless something else comes up…

Edit: Hey, let’s actually ATTACH a comic to this post, hmm?


Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 29

So here’s my thought process. I don’t know how well it works, but it might be what I go with. Mostly. Trained Pokemon are, more or less, able to communicate with at least their trainers, maybe with any trainer, maybe with any empathetic person. I can’t think of a situation where someone not being able to understand a Pokemon would be beneficial to the story. I mean, sure, I can see someone who has to learn to trust or whatever having a problem stranded in the forest or something. But until then, Pokemon are going to be able to communicate rather cleanly.

Not wild Pokemon, of course. (which I ought to include in the comic soonish, yeah?) Its the training I guess? I dunno. Some wilds, of course…

Look, Jenny and Growlithe are a good team. They have a good chemistry and can understand each other. That’s why Jenny has just a Growlithe, instead of another partner. Pokemon make good teammates. Yeah.