Rachael in Gameland: Characters of Chapter 1

Okay, the character spread looks a tad more impressive. I could tell that I’ve let my had go a tad slack in the last month of laziness. Some of these characters are way off.
Out of these 10 characters, four are my own original characters, four are adapted from the game/show/whatever. And 2 are basically nameless NPCs.
I’m not entirely happy with the design of the guy far left (whose name you’ll learn soon enough in chapter 2. ) Specifically, the emblem on his hoodie. It was hidden all throughout his appearances in chapter 1 and it looks off in this shot. I dunno.
That’s it for filler! Come back Monday when we start Chapter 2!

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 1 Page 54

What? New characters?? Where’s Rachael??? What kind of foul sorcery is this????

This version of Officer Jenny draws a lot of inspiration from her Aloha Region outfit. It’s less snazzy than her original outfit, but she looks combat ready and more like a real police officer. I will also say that of the once picture of Jenny in Aloha I’ve seen, I think her with a ponytail is a lot more attractive than the explosion of hair she’s rocking here. But it is a lot more fun to draw. Actually, the hair design of the original characters has been very fun.

Nurse Joy is her classic look, hair loopies and all.

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