Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 31

I had family in last week/end, I lost a lot of time at the DMV yesterday, and there’s a holiday today, and tommorrow, I have a job interview. Let’s call comics a bit sporadic until I get it all together again…

Dorian and Jenny are jumping to all sorts of conclusions today. But I think the facts fit what they know.

(Exeggcute is a pokemon pun)

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Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 29

So here’s my thought process. I don’t know how well it works, but it might be what I go with. Mostly. Trained Pokemon are, more or less, able to communicate with at least their trainers, maybe with any trainer, maybe with any empathetic person. I can’t think of a situation where someone not being able to understand a Pokemon would be beneficial to the story. I mean, sure, I can see someone who has to learn to trust or whatever having a problem stranded in the forest or something. But until then, Pokemon are going to be able to communicate rather cleanly.

Not wild Pokemon, of course. (which I ought to include in the comic soonish, yeah?) Its the training I guess? I dunno. Some wilds, of course…

Look, Jenny and Growlithe are a good team. They have a good chemistry and can understand each other. That’s why Jenny has just a Growlithe, instead of another partner. Pokemon make good teammates. Yeah.

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Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 30

Not pleased with that Poke-Speak in panel one, but whateves. I like the CCTV effect, but I feel like I should have done something with the other monitors? But I don’t want to establish anything that I have to keep drawing again in future shots. So I just went with that.

Regretting the “grabbing the radio to talk” thing. That’s really limited the poses I can do during this conversation. So the future of the story has been shaped by that annoyance. A little.

Of course, I’ve said that about collared shirts in character design, and, oh hey, look at that, Donovan has a collared shirt. Huh.

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Rachael in Gameland: Characters of Chapter 1

Okay, the character spread looks a tad more impressive. I could tell that I’ve let my had go a tad slack in the last month of laziness. Some of these characters are way off.
Out of these 10 characters, four are my own original characters, four are adapted from the game/show/whatever. And 2 are basically nameless NPCs.
I’m not entirely happy with the design of the guy far left (whose name you’ll learn soon enough in chapter 2. ) Specifically, the emblem on his hoodie. It was hidden all throughout his appearances in chapter 1 and it looks off in this shot. I dunno.
That’s it for filler! Come back Monday when we start Chapter 2!