Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 29

Oh good, no snakes this panel. I can talk again.

I noticed I was leaving off Squirtle’s eyelashes. I should probably go back and edit all those earlier pages. But instead, I’m going to scribble a note in my notes and do it in The Future!

Things like the Pokemon Text saying squirtle’s name before we see squirtle feels like I’m telegraphing things too much for the gag. No one else cares, I’m sure.

Decided to not put effort into the other rocket’s Pokemon. Using color as a crutch again, but it is much faster than doing a good job…

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 10

I need to spend effort and get ahead of the game. I am really really glad I had a bunch of speech bubbles to conceal things with in panel 2, because its probably the worst panel I’ve drawn since ALGU 1.01. I wish I wasn’t running so late with it, so I could fix it up.

I really need to change up Joy’s outfit. I thought it was a clever reference, to use a poofy dress thing, but I cannot seem to wrap my mind around it. Jenny I’m mostly okay with, as I have ideas of what is going to happen in the future. Not so with Joy.


I’mma gonna get working on next weeks stuff now. Laters.

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 78

And with this (late) update, chapter 2 of Rachael in Gameland, Chapter 2, is finished. We saw the start of a lot of threads this chapter that will have long term ramifications, brought some depth to some characters, and I think I’ve pushed the edges of my comfort zone artistically. Very pleased with how it turned out and I’m excited to see where it heads from here.
…which will be a bit. I am in no way prepared to launch into chapter 3 and I’m not sure if we’ll see it begin before the end of the year. Heck, I don’t know what we’ll see tommorrow!