Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 50

You know what this page means? We get to leave this scene. OMG, I think we’re been next to the Yellow building longer than any other sequence ever. I certainly won’t write another super long street side scene like that. (He said, not actually knowing the future.) We first saw the yellow building on strip 20, THIRTY STRIPS AGO! And other than a little bit of Jenny Diversion, we’ve been here for it. And one of Jenny’s pages featured the yellow wall. So yeah, I get to invent new scenery. Sad/Not sad.


Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 2 Page 40

omg, this page took a lot of smithing. But, finally, we’re in a position to transtion to the next vital thing in my outline, which is great, as it means everything moves forward.

There is probably 5 more bullet points to do in chapter 2 here? so another 35 pages maybe? that’s about right.

Unless something else comes up…

Edit: Hey, let’s actually ATTACH a comic to this post, hmm?