Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 45

Ouef, that’s where all the Pokemon have been, hmm?

This isn’t quite what I wanted in my head. If I ever go back and redo things, 10 years down the line, this would be one I would want to re-address. I’m not happy with what I got, although I like the idea.

Honestly, if I had to run this again, I’d probably just go 100% to Team Rocket backstory, not having this narrator. I think there is some fun story in Giovanni and his rise of power.

201 RiGP strips! W00t!

Rachael in Gameland: Pokemon Chapter 3 Page 10

I need to spend effort and get ahead of the game. I am really really glad I had a bunch of speech bubbles to conceal things with in panel 2, because its probably the worst panel I’ve drawn since ALGU 1.01. I wish I wasn’t running so late with it, so I could fix it up.

I really need to change up Joy’s outfit. I thought it was a clever reference, to use a poofy dress thing, but I cannot seem to wrap my mind around it. Jenny I’m mostly okay with, as I have ideas of what is going to happen in the future. Not so with Joy.


I’mma gonna get working on next weeks stuff now. Laters.