What I Did Wrong at D&D: June 15th, 2016

So this week, being week 15 of Shop D&D, some players confronted me, saying they had been reading the blog. (Okay, ATM, they’re probably the only ones reading the blog- other than random bored people from Twitter) It was a weird feeling, that people had read what I had written, that things I used to say “Oh, I wrote about this thing I want to tell you” is now replyed with a “I know, I read it.” Its not a bad odd, but it is an odd. My fledgling popularity does not keep me from making mistakes, however! On to what you came here for! Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at D&D: June 15th, 2016”

These Scattered Isles: Prepping a D&D Campaign Ep. 0: Mission statement

These Scattered Isles (TSI) is a D&D setting we started using early 2015. It was half baked when we jumped into it, made a bit of a splash and, finally, with the group kind of falling apart, I decided to wrap it up. But the world itself was pretty cool and I’d love to run it again. But, one of the big things I knew was I would need to put a lot of work into it. That’s what this is. Continue reading “These Scattered Isles: Prepping a D&D Campaign Ep. 0: Mission statement”

Things I Learned From Actually Reading the PHB Ep 1

So I was reading my Player’s HandBook this morning and realized I had been doing something wrong. Not in a gamebreaking way wrong, but its something that will change how I run exploration encounters and similar in the future.  And when playing with my weekend group, I read some more stuff and realized this could be an article thing. So here we go! Continue reading “Things I Learned From Actually Reading the PHB Ep 1”

D&D Experiment: Booster Pack Adventure

So I had an idea of taking a Magic: The Gathering booster pack, 15 cards, and generating an adventure based around it. Ideally, it’ll be an improv trick, 10 minutes, 15 cards, go! but for this first attempt, I’ll walk you through my thought process, and what I’m doing with it to try and determine if this is a viable challenge. Continue reading “D&D Experiment: Booster Pack Adventure”

The State of the Comic: June 2016

Welcome, apparently, to June. I meant this to be a monthly thing, but I figured the content of May was decently self explanatory and, honestly, I didn’t have much in the way of plans and good news. But progress has been made, we’re at a new month, stuff is happening and its time for an update!

Continue reading “The State of the Comic: June 2016”