The State of the Comic: April 2016

Welcome to April! We had a good month of ‘daily’ comics, although some, were, in fact, reposts. Our site has been reworked, and now there are comments and pages and really cool things. If you think there should be some feature, let me know and I’ll see if there is a checkbox to enable it. That’s what a lot of Comic Easel has been

With March Mattness over, we will be returning to Monday-Wednesday-Friday for our update schedule. Will we go back to daily? Ya, maybe. Eventually, I’m sure. When there is incentive for me as a creator to put in that much work.

I do love making comics, but it does take a lot of free time, especially when I’m tossing them out the night before. That’s how burnout happens. I also have a lot of interesting ideas that have had to be moved to the backburner, because I haven’t had time in the evenings.


OpenToonz is one of those, an animationm suite that recently became open source. I enjoy using it and I would not mid being good at animations. I’ll post some of those, once I have ones to be proud of.

I also have a shiney new computer I haven’t completed yet, with a fun game that I’d love to make videos/stream. And I just learned of a cool minecraft mod. I also want to start programming a video game of my own, but that is a ways away.

Anyway, I have things I want to spend time on and switching to a MWF will let me rebuild my buffer. Which would be great if I suddenly have trips and such.

In the longer future, once there is enough readers, I might start a Patreon page, which would help make this something with an income, as opposed to just a thing that I pour money and time into. That would be great.

To aid in this, I have started posting the older ALGU strips on Deviant Art, where they will update 5 days a week, M-F. There is nothing that will be posted there that you don’t see/haven’t seen here. DA is just a little bit easier to share art on and each of the strips points to here.

In the further future, I may have comic strips that all run unique stories here, on DA, on patreon, in comics I sell digitally, and in print books.

Thinking of that makes me hyperventilate, so I shall go to bed instead.

If you stay online, I’ll see you next time!