How to organize your game???

I need a new notebook. I probably need a notebook for every game I’m in and every system I’m learning, one for my comics, one for my writing, basically, I need individual, separate notebooks for everything I do.

As you can imagine, this is unlikely to happen. Continue reading →

I was wrong and what to learn from it.

Look, my main excuse is I know a lot of systems, okay, I’ve seen things done many different ways. And, for some reason, I had a ruling in my head wrong. It happens, even to me. I’m sure nothing else in my head is wrong and that was the only bit. Continue reading →

How to Use Planet Mercenary’s Fire Teams in D&D

Look, I don’t mean for this blog to only contain articles about adapting this or that mechanic to D&D, but I was talking to someone who runs a game for a single player and was worried because his NPCs kept dying. Amongst the advice I gave, I mentioned Fire Teams, which might fix some of his issues.

Let’s take a look at what I can whip up here! Continue reading →

Init Free D&D: How I speed up combat by ignoring it”s rules

Look, I’ve played a lot of D&D. I’ve run games for a single player, I’ve run games for 6 months with the same 6 players (more or less). I specialize, though, in running games for large tables. Because I can so rarely say no to people who want to play D&D. There is always space at my table. Always. This is how the final boss fight of Tomb of Annihilation had Acererak having to deal with 11 heroes (and, incidentally, was where I learned to straight up cheat as a DM).

How can I run a table that size? Well, amoungst the tricks I’ve learned about the game is a view point that other people can’t seem to comprehend.

Initiative means nothing. Continue reading →

Using 7th Sea’s Story Mechanic in D&D

My favorite mechanic in 7th Sea is the Story. No, its not the plot (well, not really). It’s their version of leveling up. Each character has a set idea of what happen next in their story with a distinct number of steps and the players determine the reward they’ll get when they complete that story. It works really well for a point buy system like 7th sea, which is sadly not what D&D is.

Let’s smash them together and see what sticks! Continue reading →

Things I like about Dungeon World without actually reading it

People who say you can’t judge a book by its cover don’t read enough books. You totally can judge books by a lot of things. Sure, the actual story and writing inside are what’s important, but you have to get there, first. So while my first impression doesn’t mean much, it does decide on the order of what new books I look at.

On that note, I just got Dungeon World in the mail. Continue reading →

A Tool in the Box

I have a friend who’s making his own RPG system. This week, instead of playing 7th Sea, we just talked a bunch about things and stuff. A bit about his game, a bit about games I’ve played, and so on and so forth. And he asked me a crucial question: “What do you want in a game, Matt?” Continue reading →

Shelf of Awesome Announcement

I was talking to my sister last night about how my family is bad at just starting things. We’d love to have done things, but we never really start and so on.

So I decided to start a thing. I’ve written D&D RPG stuff before, but I’ve never really done a full blog of it. But I think I can do the thing. So I’m setting this up today and real content will be going up tommorrow.

Hope you’ll come along!