RPG Design: The Phantom Mechanic

Okay, so. With all of my discussion about D&D and spells and stuff, I was going to talk about converting the Specialties system and folding magic into it, but the presses on that concept need to stop, as we wrench into a different path. Turns out, I need a Star Wars RPG for the 26th of this month and for some reason, it makes the most sense to build one instead of trying to find one that has the bits I want.

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Expanding Specialties: Mysteries of Magic

Phase 1 of the Specialties system was “eh, basically,” accomplished before I knew I was doing things in phases. That was to build a rough framework for replacing skills and proficiencies. I still have a couple to squeeze into place, but that article I wrote last time covered the ground work.

Here in the second phase, my concern is with magic. I’ve discovered that the Specialty system will probably work really really well for my “Naked” D&D concept, a game of D&D without classes. But to really make that work, I have to figure our how magic works in such a world. And magic is hard.

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Fixing Earseekers

A looong time ago, I wrote about problems I was having with one of the encounters in the first part of Storm Kings’s Thunder. Well, I’m happy to announce that nearly 2 years since I first ran the bit, I came up with the *right* way to do it.Encounter as Written

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Oriental Adventures: More work ensues

I ran my first session of my OA campaign last Saturday. I had kinda intended it to be the ONLY session, but the players liked the characters well enough, and the world well enough, that it looks like we’ll be trying to do that once a month. Yay.

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Suddenly Nightstone. Again.

I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversy of running games at the gamestore and, somehow, It looks like I’m back at the campaaign I had started on. There’s something poetic there, I suppose.

Note: I promised an article and a pdf for the Oriental Campaign. This is not that, as that suddenly needs some actual work and thought for it.

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Girl Genius RPG Musings

One of my players (Hi, Ian!) got super excited that I was thinking of kit-bashing Girl Genius into Cyberpunk2020, even before he’s seen the system. (Too be fair, I haven’t done much with CP2020 yet…) So this is a rambly, musing article about thought I have about the system. This is a cheap article, but Wednesday’s next week comes with a PDF of the fruits of my labor. So get hype on that, I suppose.

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5 Schools of GM-Fu

I’ve been playing D&D for about a decade. That’s rounding up and an uncertain number, but it’s close. And during that time, I’ve always been looking for ways to up my game. Buying various books on how to be a better DM. I read one recently that caused me to reflect on my journey, and well, here we are, I guess.

But just talking about books is going to get annoying. After a late night of being snowed in at work, I had the brilliant idea to compare them to styles of kung fu. Thus was born the five schools of GM FU

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