Mapvember2018 03 “Mirror Maze”

So I decided to listen to the song this prompt is based on last night and… I don’t remember any of it. It’s one of those rock songs where suddenly 7 minutes have passed and you didn’t catch any lyrics. I don’t like that type of music.

But a maze of mirrors, now, that’s an interesting idea. How do you draw that concept as a map and not as a scene of adventures solving it? I’ve seen a few #mapvember2018 takes where its a dungeon that’s “maze-like and btw, totally mirrors” which wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I looked up how to make mirrors,. It was really cool, but not as crazy as I hoped.

So… I started sketching. And it became a parlor reflected in mirrors. And I started figuring out how this was an actual puzzle. And I have a really cool idea. So I scribbled a little poem in the margins.

But basically, this room has 2 rules.First, only the rooms objects are reflected. If you pick up the vase, the vase is shown lifted, but you’re never seen. Second, only the things that can be seen and reflected can exist fully in the reflection rooms. So In the North-left room, the fire doesn’t exist because you can’t see the fire in the mirror. (Yet)

Follow the rhyme to get through (helpfully hidden in the backwards writing of the books) There is an answer, but honestly, this would be one of those puzzle rooms where I let players interact with things and say cool stuff and eventually, they can move on, ideally before everyone gets bored or I lose my voice.

This plus another dungeon makes me want to run a Myst style campaign, though. No combat, no stats, just players trying to out wit my world. That’d be interesting.

Mapvember2018 02 Gimme Shelter

Today’s map is based on the concept “Gimmie Shelter.” It’s  apparently a song title, but I haven’t gone to the effort to listen to any of these yet. But the word shelter kept coming back to me, so i decided to do something kind of Fallout-ish. I don’t play Fallout, but I know the general concept and if I had to run a one shot, I’d do something like this:

  1. Party wakes up in the Cryochambers, a lot of fellow shelter-ites are dead and decayed. Its been a long time. There is an elevator shaft between the rooms. The doors are loose. The elevator is stuck 2 floors up, but the door to the North side of the shaft on the next floor is open.
  2. This leads to an armory, with some post-apocalyptic weapons. Should get something to pry the elevator doors on the other side.
  3. The offices on this side tell of the history, but also some of the insidiousness. I guess. I don’t play the games. But connecting some loose wires will have the elevator lurch down 2 floors, so its no longer blocking the shaft. You can climb all the way up to the top now, except that door is sealed and needs some security code to open.
  4. The 3rd floor (1st basement?) has weird glowy trees and a pool of water. there is some mutant beast to fight and you get the door code card from beating it.
  5. The top floor has stark bunker and a really big door that leads out to the unknown.

I have no intention of running a Fallout game. Never interested me. But that’s what I’d do.

Mapvember2018 01 Run to the Hills

I learned about Mapvember in a chance twitter visit this morning before work, and decided to give it a try.

Here, we have a road flanked by a pair of hills that are convenient for a little fortified encampment. Whether soldiers or bandits, I don’t know. They seem very organized, though.

Find out things about #mapvember at Let’s see how long I can keep up THIS challenge, eh?

When do I need permission to make my character awesome?

D&D is a game of imagination. All of those rules, the classes and races, abilities and spells, are all still contained within our brains and we can do literally do anything we can think of. We don’t, because that makes the game consistent and fair, which means people will come back to play with us. But then, how do we make characters unique? And how do we make the character in our heads the one that’s played at the table? Continue reading →

Dungeon Crawls in 7th Sea: The Rebuttal

So I started a third RPG table. Reawakening family RPG time. And I picked 7th Sea, because of course I would. I decided to do a dungeon crawl, which is not something 7th Sea is designed for, in part because the nice people on the 7th Sea Subreddit said it would be handy for me to take a shot and compare notes after. So I did and I wrote those notes up here.

I think some big strides are being made towards figuring this out, which is neat to be a part of. And another blogger active on /r/7thSea wrote up his own blogpost, which, while it has a loft of nifty things in it, it does call me out a few times. I ain’t mad, sometimes I need that. But I’m not going to take it lying down! Allow me, Mr BluSponge aka BraceofPistols if that is your name, to defend myself! (okay, okay, its really just more thoughts…)

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I ran a mediocre game of D&D

I’ve run a lot of D&D the past few years (as well as some other games) and so I know, on an intellectual level that bad games just sometimes happen. I’ve had plenty happen to me. But the thing that is bothering me is I don’t know what I did wrong. Knowing what you did wrong is one of the best ways to recognize and fix things so you can run better games in the future, but this time, I’m stumped as to exactly where I messed. up. Continue reading →

How to organize your game???

I need a new notebook. I probably need a notebook for every game I’m in and every system I’m learning, one for my comics, one for my writing, basically, I need individual, separate notebooks for everything I do.

As you can imagine, this is unlikely to happen. Continue reading →

I was wrong and what to learn from it.

Look, my main excuse is I know a lot of systems, okay, I’ve seen things done many different ways. And, for some reason, I had a ruling in my head wrong. It happens, even to me. I’m sure nothing else in my head is wrong and that was the only bit. Continue reading →