What I’d like from a Sci-Fi Game

On Monday, I mentioned a friend was asking for what I’d want in an RPG. Now I have an answer.

Specifically, the genre is future/sci-fi. I’ve read a few books in such genre this week

The snark says: “Instead of working on useful projects

Here’s a thing I saw in those books. Alien races were… alien. No where near humans. there’s this thing that comes from TV shows and movies where they sacrifice their alien concepts for the sake of their CGI budget. Makes sense, but it gives us very humanoid aliens

now, that’s not a bad thing. Infinite universe, infinite aliens, of course, some will look human because 100% of the intelligent species we know about do. And maybe people who look the same join forces and boon, Federation of Planets. So its not bad per se, that each RPG system says “These our are Space Elves, these are our Space Orcs” and so on.

What I would love is a system that lets players design their alien race. Not just “Oh, pick 3 of these” but a long and deep creation of a race, that includes things like creating their homeworld and civilization, odd things about their biology and how they interact with other races and objects

Be interesting to have a system where instead of “This is acid” the DMG has something that says “this chemical is R12, B4, and G45”, or something which is acid to a lot of things, but Player A rolled an odd chemical composition, so he can swim in the stuff.

I have no idea how this system would work, but I’d love to work on it with people.

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