How to organize your game???

I need a new notebook. I probably need a notebook for every game I’m in and every system I’m learning, one for my comics, one for my writing, basically, I need individual, separate notebooks for everything I do.

As you can imagine, this is unlikely to happen.

I use google docs, primarily, and its a bit annoying to use. All of your documents are sprawled out on the main page. If you don’t have many, its fine.  You can see all the important stuff in front of you. But I’m a prolific user. I probably have 5 or 6 pages worth of documents, making it hard to find stuff in it.

So what do I need? that’s the real question, ain’t it? I would love if Documents were handled like spreadsheets, with multiple pages set up in tabs in one document. That would be amazing. I could have a tab for each player, one for each villain, secret societies, and so on. It would be great.

I guess I could make a wiki that worked that way. Can you set up wikis with permissions that obscure information if you’re not cleared for it? that’d be cool. I don’t know, tho. My random scrawlings in a note book tend to be more prototyping, and wikis always feel like they’re polished. If I was working on this stuff with a secondary DM/Collaborator, I could see using a wiki more. But I need fast and rough more than polished an organized, I guess.

I’ve heard good things about bullet journals. I put an order in for one while I was writing this. They’re not quite what I’d like for my prototyping, because the draw is you can do beautiful organization of information, and beautiful rarely is fast. But I could use something nice and neat for having at the table

The snark says: “Nice and Neat are not Matt’s forte.

Also, I’m curious how having a DM’s Book would work. 7th sea is not a game where having a DM’s screen is conducive to game play. Its not single rolls, its a bunch of dice that I add up. But that’s only when there’s a villain. Most of the time, all the rolling is in the player’s hands and I’m just adding consequences and complications.

Anyway, I don’t have an answer. I have ideas of what I’d like in a system, but I haven’t found it yet. Maybe I will some day, maybe I’ll take steps to make the current situation work better. As long as I’m trying things, right? Yeah.

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