Mapvember2018 03 “Mirror Maze”

So I decided to listen to the song this prompt is based on last night and… I don’t remember any of it. It’s one of those rock songs where suddenly 7 minutes have passed and you didn’t catch any lyrics. I don’t like that type of music.

But a maze of mirrors, now, that’s an interesting idea. How do you draw that concept as a map and not as a scene of adventures solving it? I’ve seen a few #mapvember2018 takes where its a dungeon that’s “maze-like and btw, totally mirrors” which wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I looked up how to make mirrors,. It was really cool, but not as crazy as I hoped.

So… I started sketching. And it became a parlor reflected in mirrors. And I started figuring out how this was an actual puzzle. And I have a really cool idea. So I scribbled a little poem in the margins.

But basically, this room has 2 rules.First, only the rooms objects are reflected. If you pick up the vase, the vase is shown lifted, but you’re never seen. Second, only the things that can be seen and reflected can exist fully in the reflection rooms. So In the North-left room, the fire doesn’t exist because you can’t see the fire in the mirror. (Yet)

Follow the rhyme to get through (helpfully hidden in the backwards writing of the books) There is an answer, but honestly, this would be one of those puzzle rooms where I let players interact with things and say cool stuff and eventually, they can move on, ideally before everyone gets bored or I lose my voice.

This plus another dungeon makes me want to run a Myst style campaign, though. No combat, no stats, just players trying to out wit my world. That’d be interesting.

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