This Month for Matt: March 2019

A new month is upon us. Look upon my calendar and weep!

Saturday, March 2nd: D&D Chaotica
We have 15 rules so far, and each player who can make it to the session starting a 5pm or so at Petries gets to make add a rule. This session, the party is walking into woods where the woods walk back.

Tuesday, March 5th: RPG Showcase: Cyberpunk 2020
A new genre for me, but the game remains the same. This session will be less of a planned story, and more talking about the game, maybe talking about stories we want to do, and doing a small shakedown encounter or two to practice the feel and practice the rules.

The rest of the month will be more of the same, although I’ll be telling a story once we’re ready.

Wednesday, March 6th: D&D Adventurer’s League
Apparently, I need to be flexible with what I run. I’ll have “Shadows over the Moonsea” and “Tyranny of Phlan” prepared, so I can run Tier 1 or Tier as needed. This also will be reoccurring on Wednesdays. I’m planning on running as many of the modules as I can before I’m bored.

Saturday, March 9th: D&D Chaotica
More of the same, my increasingly rule laden world. Keep an eye on the skies, that’s my advice.

Saturday, March 23rd: Oriental Adventures (Probably)
I want to run a game of Samurai and Ninja, but I need the players help. If you’re interested and free on the 23rd, let me know and I’l start setting things up with you. I have three weeks to finalize my rules for such a game, but I’m interested in what can be done with it and I hope you will join me at 5pm that night for a new experience.

Please contact me, so I can work your story into mine, and tell you my very different character creation changes.


Plans can change at anytime, so stay in contact. For getting this far, let me give you a thing I said I would a few weeks ago. If you helped defeat Strahd, here are your unlocks with handy Tables and Prices

  • Alchemy Jug
    • Table B, Tiers 1-4, 8 TP
  • Daern’s Instant Fortress
    • Table G, Tiers 2-4, 20 TP
  • Helm of Brilliance
    • Table H, Tiers 3-4, 20 TP
  • Luck Blade (0 Wishes)
    • Table I, Tiers 3-4, 24 TP
  • Manual of Bodily Health
    • Table H , Tiers 3-4, 20 TP

Also, the Wand of Detection from this week
>Table B, Tiers 1-4, 8 T

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