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Tragedy struck today in the dwarven farming community of Loam’s Breathe…

In what locals describe as the reawakening of a thirty-year-old curse, a walking disaster strode from the Turnwood Forest a few hours past noon.

“It was a Flamewalker,” Speaker Boris Burnstone, 137, said. “Last one seen was up north, at Miller’s Ford. Glanoth Blackstone was the victim them. Poor sods.”

The villagers had first seen signs of trouble when smoke rose up from the Turnwood Forest, indicating a forest fire.

“No sign of anything what caused it.” said Goodwife Hilda Sourbeer, 98. “No sign of lightning or the like. And the wood was fairly wet, like it tends to be this time of year.”

As the forest fire spread southward, the townsfolk new something was off.

“The wind was coming from the south.” Speaker Burnside recalled. “The fire should have headed north, which could have been trouble, right enough, but it headed south against the wind. It wasn’t natural.”

It wasn’t. After an hour of observation, a creature of fire emerged from the flames and moved towards the Leadgut steading. It was met by Kersund Leadgut, and two travelling adventurers, Snervek the Powerful and Evan the Halfling.

Goodwife Sourbeer recalls the adventurers. “Evan was a quiet sort. Can’t remember if I ever heard him say a word. Friendly type, though. The other was a goblin, and well, never had much truck with goblins. I’ll see them in a different light now.”

Witnesses say the adventurers stood at the fence line and commenced magical attacks at the flame creature, but it’s advance was not halted. With a touch, buildings, fields, and even people were set aflame.

“I wish I could have done… something. But I’m no adventurer!” said Speaker Blackstone, tears welling up in his eyes. “We’re supposed to rely on them for our safety! How can we possible be strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with incredible people like that?”

Kersund Irongut is survived by two daughters and a son. A small service will be held this Fallowdiech.

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