Suddenly Nightstone. Again.

I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversy of running games at the gamestore and, somehow, It looks like I’m back at the campaaign I had started on. There’s something poetic there, I suppose.

Note: I promised an article and a pdf for the Oriental Campaign. This is not that, as that suddenly needs some actual work and thought for it.

A month ago, I looked around at all the tables, saw everyone was running tier two, and decided I would start running some tier 1 modules. I made my preparations, and showed up for the game. As I looked around, I realized that all the other tables were also running tier one and there weren’t any tier one tables remaining.

“Fine.” Though I, “I can run T2 Modules.” So I prep a T2 the next week and show up to run, expecting at least three players. Then, I discover to my shock that I had only two players interested in Tier 2. Whatever, I can run for small tables. And I do so.

Then last week rolls around and I’m ready to finish off the module. Except, suddenly, they need a GM to run a T1 again. So I do. But I hadn’t prepared a game that week. No problem, I can always run Nightstone.

My default game.

I’ve put a lot of prep into SKT, just none of it this year. Two years ago, I lived and breathed the module, learning it’s in and outs, looking for better ways to present it. So when I suddenly have to run a session of it, all I need is to look up a name of an NPC and I can go. It’s easier in Season 8, actually, because I don’t need to account for all the XP and I can throw goblins wherever makes sense.

I’m actually going to be doing the seven serpents this time around, which is interesting. It hasn’t made sense before, but someone was asking about thieves cant and it just all lined up. I might skip Earseekers this time, or maybe not. I dunno. It’s always such a slog. Pulling in something like a CR 4 or 5 running from the elves a powerful orc-thing that lost it’s tribe in combat and is alone now sounds much more fun. It could do a predator thing in the village?

Not sure. I’m suddenly super conscious that one of my players reads this.

Anyway, dripping caves is soon enough, but then I’m not sure what the future holds. I’m not sure if I really want to run SKT, or if I want to chain some modules together, or what. I’m not really getting a permanence vibe off this party, so it may just be a waiting out their patience, but who knows.

The biggest lack of Prep

Look, I admitted that I was not prepared for this game, but that’s no excuse for my biggest gaff in a year of AL. I should have had some pre-made characters all ready to go. We made characters for like 40 minutes. I ended up making 3 characters, one of which was a spell caster. It was a lot of sudden work in a loud room and I wish I had gone “mkay, here’s a human rogue for you and a cleric for you” and gotten us started. I really need to design my own character sheets and prepare, especially since summer is coming and we’ll have a lot of new players coming in.

But who has time for that?

The players

My table had 5 players this week, two new, two green, and one seasoned chap who has great taste in blogs. I have a lot of teaching to do, but not much in the way of re-teaching? The greenies are bad about doing the math for people and not letting them learn, but I’ve seen worse.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for my reasons for staying with AL, I’d spin up a homebrew world for this crew. I think they’d like it. And I’m suddenly really curious how much of a world I can spin out of thin air by asking for a few adjectives and nouns. Like, Mad-libs world design.

I might have to try that one of these days. Or try the MTG pack challenge again. It went pretty well the first time I tried it.


Sorry this is short and rambly. I was already late getting this out to Patreon people, when I was sitting down to type and I realized I need to put a lot of thought cycles into the OA article. It’ll all be better for it.


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