Matt’s Schedule for April

Man, this is suddenly a super busy month.

I’m late in posting this, but everyone knew I was busy on the 6th, right?

Tuesdays, we’ll be running Cyberpunk2020, Specifically, the Trauma Team missions. Not sure how much of the month that’ll take, but it’ll be a few weeks at least. Satying for Cyberpunk for the forseeable future, but I think Star Wars of some kind will be knocking at our door Soon enough.

On Wednesdays for AL, running out of Storm King’s Thunder. This means any level is okay at my table, provided it’s not too far away from party level. Got an interesting group of kids as my player base this time.

For Saturday, the 13th, Chaotica at 5pm. We’ll be in the back room as the singles game night is happening. Man, it’s been like a month since the last Chaotica, so I might do a small time jump to get us out of Loamsbreath? Not sure. Start planning your new rules, though…

Then I reach the frustrating part of the month, where a month ago, I would have said I had plenty of time. I don’t though, because school is stupid. My mom also has her graduation party on the 20th, so I can’t run anything then. Also also, there is a magic pre-release for the 27th, so I can’t run at the shop. I’m thinking I might do a special invitational at my house (okay, my parent’s house) that day, but I’m not sure yet. It won’t be an open game, so if it will be a thing, I’ll invite you personally. But it’s not guaranteed atm.

That’s my month. May will hopefully be more predictable. Chiao!

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