Making a Zine: Thoughts on publishing.

As much fun as I’m having blogging, I’ve been pondering on the magazines I’ve been buying and wondering what I would put inside of one…

Content is King

How do I fill say, sixty pages with content? How do I feel 30? What would I buy?

First, it should be themed. Like “Cyberpunk” or “Horror” and so on. And then all the articles will be themed. There should be a general “How to RPG this genre” article, and probably also some articles on things players can do. Maybe an XDM section, on how to really jazz up the game.

I’d also want an in-depth dive at some RPG system. Like if Cyberpunk is the theme, a looong write-up of the game system, Things like why we picked 2020 over other CP games, what is recommended as the first session or two, and where to go from there. Some of this RPG Archology is tricky as there is a lot of material to go through and no real road map.

I imagine I’d want to include something about 5e, because that’s the elephant in the RPG world. Some small adventure, possibly dealing with the topic. (Cyberpunk in D&D is an interesting topic and it sounds fun to write and play.)

I’d want a large section on media, probably. For something like Cyberpunk, a long list of books and movie reviews, with recommendation top 10 lists and such, things that highlight the cool parts of the medium.

I’d do some comics, of course, although I’m not quite sure what kind. I’d want to be able to tell a related story to the theme, but it would need to be universal characters who would be recognizable across many issues.

Creating some actual mechanics for a game would be nice, but I’m not sure of which game. 5e might mean I’ll have to go an read the 5e OGL, which I want to avoid as much as possible. Making a game of my own makes sense, although the one I have that is closest to distribution is a D&D off-shoot, and an obvious one at that. So we’ll have to think about that a bit.

I’d probably have some world building stuff, depending on what worlds we’re working on. Adding an NPC and location¬† to the worlds. Ed Greenwood had a series that I would base this on.

I’m nowhere near read to make one of these, of course. Just thinking outloud.

What content would you want to see in a zine? Heck, what content would you want on this blog? They’re different, but not by that much.

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