AL Module Review

It’s my intent to run most/all of the AL modules for Tier 1 (and a chunk of Tier 2, as needed.) Might as well review them as we go.

My review have 2 parts. The first is a long, rambly article on my experiences of running the module. The second, is it’s 10 Point Score, a quick glance as to how good I think a thing is, and what I liked about it. (I’ve tweaked the scale to accommodate Modules.)

Module Scale

  1. Did I like the Module?
  2. Did I like the Villains/monsters?
  3. Did I like the NPCs?
  4. Did I like the Story?
  5. Did I like the Resolution/Finale?
  6. Is the story Flexible?
  7. Is the adventure well presented?
  8. Is there a clever puzzle or complication?
  9. Are there sufficient Hooks?
  10. Would I run it Again?

Season 1 Modules

  • Defiance in Phlan (1-2) (Not going to run)
  • Secrets of Sokol Keep (1-4)
  • Shadows Over the Moonsea (1-4)
  • Dues for the Dead (1-4)
  • The Courting of Fire (1-4)
  • The Scroll Thief (1-4)
  • Drums in the Marsh (1-4)
  • Tales Trees Tell (1-4) (Not going to run ATM)
  • Outlaws of the Iron Route (1-4) (Not going to run)
  • Tyranny in Phlan (5-10)
  • Dark Pyramid of Sorcerers (5-10)
  • Isle Raiders of the Twighlight Marsh (5-10) (Not going to run)
  • Pool of Radiance Resurgent (5-10)
  • Escape from Phlan (5-10)