The Best games Matt has Run

The games that I feel literally proud of having run are few and far between, but they are out there. These aren’t summations of those games, as that would be hard and long and boring. Rather, they’re a collection of bullet points for me, to help me recall what happened those epic times. So it might not make sense if you weren’t there, but that isn’t entirely the goal, so. (If you do want to here more of these, bug me about it and I’ll see what I can do.)

A Very Jorgen Christmas

One year, my friend Derek was returning home from I dunno, lifer or whatever and with very little notice, I scrapped together the Return of the Tower of Doctor Tardisian. Most of my players were rehashing old roles.

  • Paul as Tanith Blackburn, Minotaur Paladin
  • Derek as Jorgen von Fartz Martinez the Third Esquire
  • Jordan was his rogue, Seamus
  • Phen was a… human sorceress?
  • Tim was a Gnome Wizard


  • The Gantrithor enters a No-Fly Zone.
  • The Tower is discovered
  • The Forest Larder
  • The Dryad (1st Spell short Circuit)
  • The Water Level
  • Angelo The Dire Anglerfish and Surfing the Seamus
  • Meeting the Clambassador
  • Volcanic Stink
  • Rock-a-bye goblin buggies
  • :Lava Portal (weak)
  • Sneaking behind Dr. Tardisian’s back

The Red Mask

I randomly had a Saturday off and elected to step in and run a game of 7th Sea for the Saturday morning group that I’ve been sorta kinda a part of for the last year and a half. It was a spur of the moment thing and all I could do was embrace the improv, which, luckily enough, is a thing 7th sea does well. So I studied the map a second, jotted so ‘facts’ about a place I had never been before,listed to my 2 players build their characters, tied some bits into the world and away we went.

  • Nate was playing Aldore, the Eisen Giant who wanted a statue of himself
  • Mike was playing something something Rojo, the Red Mask, a Castilian out for revenge or justice or something.


  • Convient Party Assembly at the Flower and Vine
  • Street Brawl and Intimidation
  • Cut to the night dealings
  • Best use of Riot Breaker and “Psst! Over Here”
  • Reverse Donkey Kong
  • Jarlaxle gets wet