Pokémon Specialty

Pokémon are a sub-specialty of Servant. Unlike regular servants, however, they can’t act on their own, they are rarely as intelligent, and they can’t speak a language. They are trained by Pokémon Trainers, and they have a variety of uses.

Your first rank in the Pokémon Specialty gets you a trained Pokémon with 3 ranks of specialties of its own. Additional ranks in this specialty allow you to either improve all of your Pokémon by adding an additional rank to all current and future Pokémon, or to add an additional Pokémon to your roster.

Pokémon, like their trainers, start with one point of Health and one point of Charge, just like their trainers, and they can choose to increase one of these two stats for each 4 ranks in various specialties they have obtained. Unlike their trainers, however, their Stamina is four times their health.

Unlike regular servants, Pokémon who played a key role in the session can gain a rank in a used specialty.

Unique Pokémon Specialties


This Pokémon is quick and is able to move and change direction quickly. When you roll to move fast, add your Specialty die and ranks.

Spend a charge to suddenly move as an extra action.

This specialty can be used to Attack or Defend

Armed (Accessory)

This Pokémon deals more damage with its attacks than regular. This could be blades, claws, sharp teeth, hot fire, whatever. When this Pokémon attacks, it deals an additional damage. Spend a charge when defending to counterattack as a free action


There is no type-chart, but there are types! All the types with a Special Attack are gathered here. Ice, Fire, Lightning, Plant, anything that is a Pokémon doing more than hitting something with a part of its body (Or its mind. That’s Psychic.) Your Pokémon probably only has one Element. If it has a second, it should take Ranks in Elemental separately.

When you roll to control your element, or to make an attack, add your Specialty die and ranks.

If you try to do some crazy stunt, spending a Charge will decrease the DC by 10.

This Specialty can be used to Attack. It can also be used to defend, but at a higher DC.


This Pokémon is HUGE! One rank of this Specialty means your Pokémon is large enough to ride on, as long as it’s safe to do so, of course. They can add a bonus die to any roll where their size may be a benefit.

If you don’t think the GM will make you regret having a Large Pokémon, you have another think coming.


This Specialty is a lot of forms of movement all lumped together. Whether you fly or burrow, any type of nonstandard movement uses this Specialty.

Pokémon probably don’t have two move types? If they do, you’ll want to keep them separate. It’s fine to write this on your sheet as Movement (Fly) or just Move, or Fly.

A single rank is sufficient to move in whatever manner. When a roll is required, add your Specialty die and ranks to the roll.

Spend a Charge to Move as an Extra Action.

This Specialty can be used to Defend, but not in all circumstances

Move types: Flying, Burrowing, Swimming, Wall-Climbing, Through Walls

Psychic (Maybe some Trainers have this?)

Psychic Pokémon are… weird. And Powerful. Instead of being a defined ability, they can attempt to do anything with it. They can use a Charge to reduce the DC of a Roll by 10. The can attempt to Attack, Defend, Move, really, they can do ANYTHING with this power. Using it to replicate this to replicate another Specialty increases the difficulty by 5. Add your Specialty die and ranks to roll to use Psychic Power.


This poorly named Specialty is for the ability some Pokémon have in causing status effects against each other. Add your Specialty die and ranks to the required roll, the DC of which is listed in the following table.

Name Example DC Resolution
Damage Burned, Poisoned 20 Deals 1 damage each round
Hampered Blinded, Confused, Slowed 25 DC to Hit and Defend decreases by 5.
Unconscious Sleep 30 Can take no actions.
Knocked Out TKO 35 All stamina is removed.

If you leave an effect, it lasts for a number of rounds equal to your successes, or until an action is spent that successfully removes the condition.


Your Pokémon has a lot of… Strength. Is Stronk. Use this in all the cases where Strength is better than speed. Add your Specialty die and ranks to rolls to punch, kick, block, or lift.

Spend a Charge to do something really impressive, or to make an attack as an extra action.

Can be used to Attack or Defend.

Other Available Specialties


This Pokémon is hard to hurt. Whether it is nimble on its toes, armor plated, or just sounded by protective fat, it takes less damage from attacks.

If it would take damage from a source, it takes one less per rank. Some damage sources may not be eligible for this protection. You CANNOT Defend with this Specialty


This Pokémon has good senses, whether that is hearing, smell, or some other means. Add your Specialty die and ranks to rolls to notice things.

Spend a Charge to discern as an Extra Action, instead of an action.

This Specialty can be used to Defend against ambushes and secret attacks, although not much else.


Sometimes, you need to pretend to be something else for whatever reason. Pokémon with this Specialty are skilled in such deception. Add your Specialty die and ranks to rolls to assume a disguise, or convince someone that you aren’t who or what you are.

Spend a charge to cover a slip that would blow your cover, or to get some information or value out of the deception.


Some Pokémon just bring a smile to your face, even though you have reasons to be mad at them. That’s what this Specialty is about. Add your Specialty die and ranks to rolls to have beings rule in your favor, give you the benefit of the doubt, and treat you as a friend, even if they don’t know you.

Spend a charge to get sudden preferential treatment.


Some Pokémon are lucky. Sometimes. Other times, they’re not so lucky. But when their luck comes through, it is impressive. Add your Specialty die and ranks to games of chance.

Spend a charge to add a bonus die and your ranks in this specialty to any roll. Roll this extra die separately. If the roll is a 1, the whole roll turns into a fumble, regardless of what the rest of your roll is. If the roll is a 6 and you have ranks in Style, you may add your bonuses from Style, even if you have already added them to this roll.


Some Pokémon are scary sometimes. Normally, you have to spend effort to mean it, but children have started crying when you walked past before and you were in a good mood that day. Add your Specialty die and ranks when you attempt to scare someone into acting the way you desire.

Spend a charge to add an additional specialty die and your ranks to a roll that makes use of your intimidating presence.


Add your Specialty die and your ranks in rolls to avoid being seen, to follow someone silently, or to stake out a position.

Spend a Charge to cover for your Ally as they’re about to give away your position. You can also spend a charge to Defend with this Specialty.


You’re good at finding things that are useful or at least, interesting. When you roll to search an area or to look for a thing you need, add your Specialty die and your ranks.

As an action, you can spend a charge to make a Scrounge roll. Tell the GM what you’re hoping to get or accomplish. Normally, a good Scrounge takes much longer.


You have a flair for making things a spectacle. Whether it’s being perfectly dressed for the occasion or ensuring all eyes on you for your moment of triumph. Add your Specialty die and your Ranks to dress up for the occasion, or try to impress someone with how suave you are.

In addition, when your roll a natural 20 or a natural 6 on your bonus die from Gambler, you may add a bonus die and your ranks in this Specialty to that roll for each instance.


For a Pokemon, a Root is just as important as it would be to any other character. There’s less you can do with it, as Pokemon don’t really have Contacts or Items, but it can be very useful to make a blanket statement like “This is a Spider.” or “This is a Dog.” There’s a lot of ground where t’s not really worth it to dedicate a full SPecialty to, especially at low levels.

When you make a Roll where a Root would come into play, add your Specialty Die to the roll. (There are no ranks in Roots. You either have it or you don’t.)

You can take the Specialty multiple times, selecting a different generic root that applies to your character.