Matt’s House Rules for D&D 5e

These are the rules I play by that aren’t real rules. But sometimes, that doesn’t matter. I’m probably forgetting some rules here, but these are the ones I use consistently.

Subskill Changes

  • Sleight of Hand is used in place of Thieves Tools
  • A lot more uses of History
  • Persuasion is used in some Investigation checks
  • Players can be proficient at a check without being trained in a skill. (DM says “Make a Wisdom check with Proficiency”)
  • Arcana can be used to detect if things are magical.
  • “Spellcraft” checks can be made to see if your magic can do something it can’t normally do.
  • Any character can attempt to run as a Bonus Action, getting half their speed on a successful check and falling prone on a fail.

Gamemode Changes

  • While the party is not in a survival game, Food, Ammunition, and Encumbrance do not matter.
  • While the party is not in a horror game, lighting requirements are relaxed.