New Unearthed Arcana Jan2020 Subclasses Part 1

Look, I WANTED to just do 2 posts this week, but things keep happening. This time, a new playtest UA came out, with some subclasses. So let’s do a first look at those before I co back to working on the beast of the Friday post that is in the works. (Remember, doing the surveys for the Unearthed Arcana is how we get broken things fixed!)

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Master of Masks Prestige feat

 So I’ve been building these things I call Prestige Feats, which convert a 3e Prestige class to an overpowered 5e Feat. Today, I’m demonstrating how I do this conversion, using the Master of Masks, a prestige class from the Complete Scoundrel, apparently. Fellow DM, Teddy, said this was his favorite Class, for flavor over power. So I decided this would be a Prestige to rebuild.

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Overthinking Eberron: Khorvaire Newspapers

One of the things that makes Eberron so interesting is the world they’ve created. Official sources said “There are newspapers!” and left the details in unspecified darkness. So I wrote some stuff about Newspapers.

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