Matt’s D&D Eras

ND 4e: The Age of Derek and Kevin (July 2010-??)

ND 4e: The Age of Dwindling Numbers (??-??)

ND 5e: The Age of Rising Settings (??-??)

CO 5e AL: The Age of Sudden AL (April 2017-September 2017)

Family D&D: Storm King’s Thunder

CO 5e AL: The Tomb of Anhillation (September 2017-May 2018) (34 Sessions!)

CO Varied: RPG Showcase(Feb 2018- July 2018-??)

7th Sea was June-ish 2018

CO 5e AL: The Tales From the Yawning Portal (May 2018-September 2018)

CO 5e AL: The Curse of Strahd (Sept 2018-Feb 2019) (23 Sessions)

CO 5e Chaotica (??-Dec 2019)

CO 5e: The Highschoolers Descent (March 2019-??)

Online 5e: Acquisitions Incorporated: The J-Team (July 2019-Present)

Family D&D: Acquisitions Incorporated (???-???)

CO 5e: Acquisitions Incorporated: The G-Team (???-October 2019?)

CO 5e: The Year of Eberron (Jan 2019-Present)

CO 5e: The Age of Shakey Dungeons (November 2019-Present)

Online 5e: Return of the Runelods (as Player) (Feb 2020-Present)