So on Wednesday, I ran my first actual live session of Rime of the Frost Maiden.I was not as prepared for the game as I would have liked. Let’s get that out there, so there was a lot of squinting at the book trying to find names of NPCs and how quest hooks worked in the moment, instead of before hand. I did alright, though. I can do better, but with how my day had gone, I did really bloody well.

Things I did great:

  • Tied hooks into a few of the character’s backstories
  • Painted some awesome pictures of what the Icewind dale is like
  • Did an okay job of presenting light sources and the oppressive cold

Things I didn’t do great

  • I didn’t ask about levels of experience. I’ve been so used to running for the same people, I forgot to ask about how new to D&D people were. One person had only heard the name when he was invited to play! So I had many asides that I had to do to teach people things about the game that I could have consolidated.
  • NPCs and Names! I knew I’d be starting things in Bryn Shander, but I didn’t have a good handle on the size of the town, and who the NPCs are. Knowing how far ad how to get to related towns would also be key.
  • How often do wagons travel between towns? I made up some BS on the fly about it, but knowing specifics would be better.
  • Is it always night time? Is the Icewind Dale in an apparently timeless void?
  • How does camping in the snow work out?
  • I should set up a price list, with how much goods could be bought and sold for in the area (if at all)

I need to make up some… idk… flashcards might be the right phrase. Prompt cards? Something with a list of NPCs, important locations and descriptions, various hooks, etc. That would be handy to have for the next towns.


It’s great to have a bunch of new players as guinea pigs as they run through the adventure. The mistakes I make won’t be picked up by them, as I prepare snippets for other games.

They’re also a great group. My eyes get misty thinking of other groups like this, souls new to the game that rely on me to show them the early path.

Man, I wish I could run games for people like this as a full time gig.

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