To make a long story short, I’ve quit my job.

Sprinkling story elements back in, there’s interference from school, stress from the job, poor scheduling and sleep, etc, etc. I’ve been meaning to quit since January, and finally submitted the paperwork and rode out my final 2 weeks.

And now, freedom looms.

When I tell people about my quitting, they ask If I have something lined up. Nothing solid is the answer. I have a semester to finish, and a few potentially paying gigs that might pop up, but not concrete back to work plans.

Instead, I have a list of things to accomplish each day. I’ve been putting off a lot of creative projects that I now have a chance to accomplish. Having an extra 9 hours in the day, plus no need for veg/decompress time, that’s going to give me a lot of opportunities to make some cool things.

So what’s in the cards? First, I have some website projects I need to get ironed out. I have a clever idea for a better way to display my webcomics and other projects. I’ve been jonesing for a good solid hub for some D&D thoughts that a blog isn’t really built for, and I’ve been meaning to get something cool made for my art group. And there’s one or two other ideas that are still in pre-design that I’m not ready to announce quite yet.

November is NaNoWriMo. And while I don’t have a novel bursting out atm, I do have a writing project that I could apply principles to. I do intend to get a bunch of comics made. (Talking about making comics is a whole different can of worms. Suffice it to say, I’m back in the saddle. That’s the important part.)

I have some personal improvement ideas that are more personal than I’d like to share out loud, but I have aspirations.

I know this won’t last forever, so I’m going to try to pack this unpaid “vacation” with as much living as I can before I have to find a new grindstone.

If you’d like to ride a long, I’d be grateful for the company. You can keep an eye on here, wherever ‘this’ is, and has a bunch more places where I can be found.

Let the Sab-Matt-ical begin!


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