Geojournal Week 3: Volcanoes and things

This week, the discussion is about volcanoes. I don’t really know much about them and have little to do with them really.As long as they stay in their yard, I’ll stay in mine, and everyone can get along.

I tend, like most people, to think about a volcano as a single event. The climax of the movie, with plenty os screaming and yelling, but, all in all, confined to a small period of time. But that’s not really what they are. Sure, there are the excitable moments, but a volcanic eruption can take place on a much slower and less showy scale.

I found this video interesting for many reasons. First, I liked the tone of the narrator. It was a very scientific story, one conveying information, instead of trying to play on emotions. This video is written by people who have a clam relationship with volcanoes, not people for whom the word is a signal for manic and disaster.

The idea that this eruption would just be neat unless it overfilled its crater is an interesting one. I’ve dealt with floods before, and it felt like people measuring the height of the river, trying to determine how in trouble we were. But the video showed not much happening, even when sped up three times.

It makes me a bit curious about volcanoes. Maybe, I’ll make the effort to see one close up sometime.

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