DM Devlog: The Gauntlet of Evolution Part 1

Advanced D&D. Confusingly named, confusingly built, and yet, as I study through these hallowed pages, I can really see the potential for the game this would become. I can see parts of genius, some of which I wish was still in D&D today, and some of which really really had some serious problems.

DM Devlog: The Gauntlet of Evolution Part 0

So I had a crazy idea. I was watching WotC’s video hyping up the History of D&D book they’ll be putting out this year, and I started jonesin’ to play Original D&D. And the idea suddenly grew like a mystical tree in a cutscene- what if I ran a session that was ALL the D&D? […]

Matt Reads a Thing: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

So in preparation for a project I’m doing (See the Patreon), I decided I needed to (re)read the Secret of NIMH. I’m not sure if I’d read it before, but I had seen the movie a lot, and figured that might count. And I think it does. While the movie went to some random, mystic […]

Matt Watches a Thing: Macgyver S1E01

Armed with a new Paramount Plus subscription, I’ve started watching Macgyver. And my thought is, “Hey, I should blog my watch through. Get content and all of that. (and get into the habit of quick, pointless blogs, and of writing thing on the daily. General summary: It was really enjoyable!

A Week of GameOn: Thoughts from suddenly running 20 hours of Transformers

Man, I need to tell you about my week. On Sunday, I committed to running 20 hours of RPGs for middle school and highschool kids. Boy howdy, did I learn a lot. And here is my attempt to capture my week’s activities, lessons, and reflections.