Planet Mercenary Slash Star Wars

My little sister hadn’t seen Star Wars. She knew the basics, but I think it’s worth seeing the whole thing. So while I’m watching the films, I keep thinking about how I would run a Star Wars game in Planet Mercenary. It wouldn’t be too hard, methinks, so I wrote this. I know this is not a complete conversion. If there are any egregious errors, let me know and I will make some changes/additions. Use this however the heck you want. Continue reading “Planet Mercenary Slash Star Wars”

What I Did Wrong at D&D Adventure’s League Episode 3

Sleep deprivation is a weird thing. Sometimes, you run a game with little sleep and its horrible. Other times, you come up with the exact perfect idea on the way to the game, and, while you can’t assemble it perfectly in your mind due to the aforementioned sleep scarcity, you instantly know that it is an amazing idea and needs to be acted upon. I had the second happen to me tonight. However, first we have to talk about stuff I did the previous weeks, including everything I did wrong since I last wrote one of these. Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at D&D Adventure’s League Episode 3”

Planet Mercenary: Delving Dungeons

So, I am finally on top of my various projects enough that I can write a little bit about Planet Mercenary. I am so excited for this game and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. One of the things that will be very different in PM from other games is dungeon crawls. Will they be possible? How do you write them? Won’t they have ways around doing the dungeon and just straight the prize?

I have no idea. Let’s find out. Continue reading “Planet Mercenary: Delving Dungeons”

What I Did Wrong at D&D: Adventurer’s League Ep 2

If my schedule works out right, it looks like I get to be involved with a lot of D&D games this week. 4 different tables, with me only needing to run two of them. So of course I’m thinking about spinning up a virtual table. Anyway, one is already over and done with and of course, with a game run by me, there must surely be some mistakes. So, here we go! Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at D&D: Adventurer’s League Ep 2”

What I did Wrong at D&D Adventurer’s League Episode 1

I’ve been going to a local gamestore on Wednesdays to play tasty RPGs on about a weekly basis since February. Good times, great way to scratch the itch. It’s always been understood that I was a DM and could fill in when needed. And that hasn’t come up. Until now. Continue reading “What I did Wrong at D&D Adventurer’s League Episode 1”

A breakdown of What I’ve Kickstarted

It probably comes at no surprise that I like Kickstarter. I think its a brilliant idea that has allowed a lot of cool project to be born. But I was reminded today of a project I backed 2 years ago that I have yet to receive and I thought it would be interesting to go through and see what I’ve backed and if I got it and any other thoughts on the projects. Let’s go!

Continue reading “A breakdown of What I’ve Kickstarted”

What I did Wrong at D&D: Family Edition Ep 6

I used to be a lot better at getting these out every week. Maybe my non-family games were more intense, maybe I was less of a lazy bum. Maybe I’ve just learned enough about DMing that I don’t have anything interesting to report.

BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Yeah, I don’t believe that either! Continue reading “What I did Wrong at D&D: Family Edition Ep 6”

What I Did Wrong at D&D: Family Edition Ep 5

It’s interesting, writing these summaries of games previous, when half of my party reads them. I’ve had it happen before, but those games weren’t as involved with plots and stuff. So I have to talk about what happened, without actually giving away future plans and stuff. Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at D&D: Family Edition Ep 5”

Last Day for Patreon Sign up!

As it’s the last day of March, It’s my duty to remind you you’re running out of time! The cut off is soon. Very soon. If you want to be able to ask me to write a story, or review a movie, or whatever, if you want to have me draw you a picture, the time is now!

And, even if you don’t want to be paying me money, just following me on Patreon will let you see certain posts that I make. It’s a great way to always see certain messages from me!