Mad Matt Watches A Star Trek STTNG:S1E25 The Neutral Zone

This is my first in a series where I watch a random star trek episode, and write my thoughts as they occur. There are likely spoilers.

This episode is the season finale of the first season of Next gen, so not only have I seen it, but I remember parts of it. Picard is away, they find a derelict Earth ship that got way out to wherever we are. So we’re going to send the least human of the command crew over to take a look. Nice. Continue reading “Mad Matt Watches A Star Trek STTNG:S1E25 The Neutral Zone”

Games I want to play

AS I’m sure the perceptive of you are aware, I play a lot of D&D. The thing about the dungeons and dragons is it has this certain feel of the game, if you just pull it out of the box, give it a shake, and set it down to play. But often, this medival fantasy doesn’t scratch my itch for the style of game I want to play. Today, I’m gonna draw up a list of things I’d love to do in a game. Continue reading “Games I want to play”

Handcrafted Heroes: Rambles on creating characters in a super hero RPG

As I said in the state of the status, I’ve been playing in a super hero RPG. It’s been a lot of fun, but I have had some teething troubles trying to make characters that work well with the group and with the world that their in. SO let’s talk about that. Continue reading “Handcrafted Heroes: Rambles on creating characters in a super hero RPG”

What I Did Wrong at D&D Adventure’s League Episode 3

Sleep deprivation is a weird thing. Sometimes, you run a game with little sleep and its horrible. Other times, you come up with the exact perfect idea on the way to the game, and, while you can’t assemble it perfectly in your mind due to the aforementioned sleep scarcity, you instantly know that it is an amazing idea and needs to be acted upon. I had the second happen to me tonight. However, first we have to talk about stuff I did the previous weeks, including everything I did wrong since I last wrote one of these. Continue reading “What I Did Wrong at D&D Adventure’s League Episode 3”

A breakdown of What I’ve Kickstarted

It probably comes at no surprise that I like Kickstarter. I think its a brilliant idea that has allowed a lot of cool project to be born. But I was reminded today of a project I backed 2 years ago that I have yet to receive and I thought it would be interesting to go through and see what I’ve backed and if I got it and any other thoughts on the projects. Let’s go!

Continue reading “A breakdown of What I’ve Kickstarted”

Last Day for Patreon Sign up!

As it’s the last day of March, It’s my duty to remind you you’re running out of time! The cut off is soon. Very soon. If you want to be able to ask me to write a story, or review a movie, or whatever, if you want to have me draw you a picture, the time is now!

And, even if you don’t want to be paying me money, just following me on Patreon will let you see certain posts that I make. It’s a great way to always see certain messages from me!

Rebuilding Trask. Again.

I have few D&D characters with solid lore behind them. Part of that is I find myself behind the screen more and being a player less and less, but also, during my infancy as a player, I kept hopping between characters, excited to try out new things. And, while it was fun, it didn’t build the stories. But now even though I’ve settled a bit, I still find myself in a perpetual state of remaking the characters I have.

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