Geol111: Geo Journal Week 01

I feel like this week, I am doing this journal a disservice. Colorado has plenty of Geology around it, but by the time I got around to writing this, it was already dark and I was unable to take some pictures of my own. Poor planning strikes again.

While I personally feel that the plains of North Dakota are my home ground, the mountains of Colorado sure are gorgeous. I had the opportunity a few years ago to do a bit of a road trip around the mountainous part of the state while my mother was participating in Ride the Rockies. I loved seeing the different terrain we have here.

Don’t, dear reader, fall under the assumption that I am an outdoors-type. I am not. If I’m found dead on a hiking trail, please report it as foul play, because that is not where I am usual found.

In particular, I really like the town of Ouray. Nestled right up between a pair of mountains, it’s indescribable. Photos don’t do it justice, although I did manage to find some examples online of its amazing geography.

Another lesson Colorado’s mountainous terrain can teach us is how fragile our infrastructure is. For example, around a decade ago, a rockslide ruined a road between two small towns normally connected by a mountain pass.

With that down, travelers would need to go an additional 50 miles of mountain driving to get to their destination. A massive inconvenience cause by a simple movement of rock.

Tomorrow, I’ll take my own pictures of the mountains outside of my door. It’s fascinating living so close to mountains, because every day, they look different some how. Whether by the backdrop of the sky in its various forms, the way the sun hits it, so many things make the same mountain range striking in so many ways.

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