Unearthed Arcana May 2020: Subclasses Revisited

As much as they seem to have worse and worse names each time, we have a new UA out, dealing with subclasses again. As such, we have updates to the Revived Rogue, now called the Phantom, The Genie Warlock, and the Archivest wizard, who had been a artificer class that they cut if I’m reading my googles right. So let’s jump in.

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Culture Quest: The Martian

I was watching a panel with some cool people when I realized I hadn’t actually read (or watched) the Martian. I vaguely recall buying it, but never sat down and read it. So I turned to my local library, realized it was closed, so I bought a new copy of the book online. I read it in one day, which is more a testament to how bored I am, rather than how good it was. Continue reading “Culture Quest: The Martian”

Acq Inc Positions Rebuilt: Simpler, more nimble company roles

Acquisitions Incorporated trains its franchise employees in certain skills that provide paradigm driving success and enables a framework for enhanced team focused priorities in terms of accomplishing objects as a collective unit and enhancing the brand as a whole. Continue reading “Acq Inc Positions Rebuilt: Simpler, more nimble company roles”

Pendragon Appendix N: Works that inspire me towards Arthurian Roleplay

The Pendragon RPG contains its own list of references, but I’m not quite cultured enough to recognize all of these actual historic references. So instead of that, I’m making up a list of everything I thought of as something to read or watch as I was reading the RPG.

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Experiment of Dread: Playing a Hexcrawl in 5e

This last weekend, I met online with some friends to do some D&D. As per. However, not all of our group were able to gather, so I placed the current storyline on hold and ran Something Else. And since Module X1, the Isle of Dread has been on my mind, I decided to run that instead. Continue reading “Experiment of Dread: Playing a Hexcrawl in 5e”

Pendragon RPG: 9 things that excite me, 5 things that scare me

I learned about an old RPG recently. The first edition of it was released in 1985, so it’s been around longer than me. I got my book for it this week, and I’m playing fast catch up. I really want to add it to my repertoire, but it’s very different than D&D (or at least, what D&D became), so I have to learn it as an alien system instead of a modification. So my spin up time is going to be slower than with some other games modes. Still, I am SUPER excited about this game, some fears notwithstanding.

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