Why I can’t run Theros: The Buy-in Scale

You never run out of white whales. It’s a fact in life. As a chaser of whales, I’m not confident in saying you’ll never catch them, because that’s something I literally cannot believe about this metaphor. I am incapable of that. And now we make a hard pivot to talk about gaming.

There are some gaming whales that I’ve been chasing for a while. We might talk about those later, but for new, we need to talk about the new whale in my sights. A greek whale. Continue reading “Why I can’t run Theros: The Buy-in Scale”

A Rough History of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

I was talking to a friend about RPGs and he asked if I knew about some drama from an upcoming Games Workshop Age of Sigmar RPG. I did not, so I did a bit of digging. Here’s the scoop on Age of Sigmar as far as I understand it.

I could have details wrong, as I haven’t watched this all develop and it’s not exactly my scene. Also, there are a LOT of things named similar things. I’ll be using nickname to keep things straight, not actual product titles.

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Unearthed Arcana May 2020: Subclasses Revisited

As much as they seem to have worse and worse names each time, we have a new UA out, dealing with subclasses again. As such, we have updates to the Revived Rogue, now called the Phantom, The Genie Warlock, and the Archivest wizard, who had been a artificer class that they cut if I’m reading my googles right. So let’s jump in.

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Culture Quest: The Martian

I was watching a panel with some cool people when I realized I hadn’t actually read (or watched) the Martian. I vaguely recall buying it, but never sat down and read it. So I turned to my local library, realized it was closed, so I bought a new copy of the book online. I read it in one day, which is more a testament to how bored I am, rather than how good it was. Continue reading “Culture Quest: The Martian”

Acq Inc Positions Rebuilt: Simpler, more nimble company roles

Acquisitions Incorporated trains its franchise employees in certain skills that provide paradigm driving success and enables a framework for enhanced team focused priorities in terms of accomplishing objects as a collective unit and enhancing the brand as a whole. Continue reading “Acq Inc Positions Rebuilt: Simpler, more nimble company roles”