Gothregel Primer: My thoughts on my open world, wilderness exploration game

Just about four weeks ago, I put out a call on my Facebook, wondering if people would be interested in an open table, wilderness exploration adventure. It received a fairly decent response, so I began my research, and started figuring out what I’d want in such an adventure. It turns out, unsurprisingly, that I signed myself up for a lot of work.¬† Continue reading “Gothregel Primer: My thoughts on my open world, wilderness exploration game”

A quick rating of the other 5e manuals

So, after not a whole lot of careful consideration, we have a 10 point review metric set up for RPG manuals! Huzzah! So we might as well throw some numbers at things! You know that big analysis I did for Vog’s Guide to Monsters? That’s not what’s going on here! We have 4 books to cover in one article, so we need to hop straight in! Continue reading “A quick rating of the other 5e manuals”

D&D Book Review: Volo’s Guide To Monsters (9/10)

I’ve been wanting to do book reviews on here for a bit. And, since I just got a new book and I’ve been bemoaning my famine of content, I guess it’s time to do this thing and see what I can do to make it work. In my mind, the perfect review is my 10 Point Review system, which is sadly not calibrated to reviewing D&D manuals. Yet. But that’s not the main point of this article. Hopefully, by the time I’m done here, I’ll have finished my metric. But let’s get into my thoughts and impressions of the book, hmm? Continue reading “D&D Book Review: Volo’s Guide To Monsters (9/10)”

Daily D&D Ramble: Fixed up some characters

So I made a bunch of characters (like, 6) for Fixed D&D on Wednesday. Here’s some thought on that, with only this weak intro to show for it.

Continue reading “Daily D&D Ramble: Fixed up some characters”

Daily D&D Ramble: Escalating Wild Encounters?

While I have yet to catch up on any sleep deprivation, I was able to safely return to my home in ND, with my beautiful 2 screens of multitaskedness. So in therory, I should be able to get more, better work accomplished. Instead, I’ll probably play Minecrtaft and watch anime, but we can hope!

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Daily D&D Ramble: What to read? Five options

Okay, I’m headed out the door in entirely too short of a time. Hopefully, tomorrow evening will be broadcast from my apartment, instead of on the road somewhere. But, to make this a useful and quick article, I thought I should share¬†five books that I think are good for DMs to check out. So let’s go! Continue reading “Daily D&D Ramble: What to read? Five options”

Daily D&D Ramble: Tanks for the Memories

(If something hasn’t used that punchline before, the world has failed me.) This article is starting to be written at 2am, so take that as you will. I spent my last night in Colorado introducing my family to one of my favorite anime, Girls Und Panzer. It is, as you may have gathered, about tank fighting. And, since the only other thing I did today worth trying to shove into an article is hanging some doors, lets talk about some tanks! Continue reading “Daily D&D Ramble: Tanks for the Memories”